Simple info that was the LIGHT BULB moment for me.

FOOD info:
Tempeh is a minimally unprocessed soy. Its fermented soy bean

Effects of food:
Macrobiotic theory is to replace simple carbs with more complex, slower buring ones. Brown rice, for example, releases glucose into blood system at a rate of about 2 calories per minute vs. a candy bar which releases about 30 + calories per minute. A meal consisting of whole grains, veggies and beans will release its energy over a period of hours without causing a wide swing of moods or sugar cravings.

Carbs give energy.

Proteins build and renew cells, muscles and tissues.

Lack of carbs and excess of simple carbs causes hypoglocemia (low blood sugar) which is what I use to suffer from BAD.

Tonight I made this balanced meal of tempeh, short brown rice, corn, trip colored carrots, onions, sweet potatoes. I sautéed it up then laid it over a mix of power greens (baby spinach, baby kale, baby chard) then drizzled Miso Dressing over it (made by Follow Your Heart). I add slice of avocado and black or adzuki beans.

Health Benefits of Adzuki Beans: Many use it for weight loss because they are high in fiber and protein. They are filling and 1/2 cup of beans = 150 calories. This means you get ALOT of nutritional goodness for little calories. I always have a can of Eden’s Adzuki Beans in my pantry! TRY THEM OUT!

Nutrients: Dietary fiber 51%, Protein 40%, Carbs 21%, Calories 16%. Vitamins: Folate 156%, Thiamin 30%, B6 18%, Pantothenic 15%. Minerals: Manganese 87%, Copper 55%, Phosphorus 38%, Potassium 36%.

Tiffany Lundgren